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Now you're just somebody that I used to know~
Pokémon - Pika line
The past few days have been cray. I haven't looked at fandom!secrets for at least three days, and I'm not going to catch up with my reading list...I want to continue to be consistent at DW, and that means occasionally missing some stuff because spending two hours catching up with everything after a particularly busy bout of Real Life just really burns me out and makes me not like online journaling. SO, with that in mind...sorry if I missed any of your recent posts, flisters! You can always drop me a comment or a PM :)

School just started again from spring break and I have much to tell, but I'm low on sleep and need to get to bed! Short list of things that happened recently: I went home for break, we had visits from an exchange student from Okinawa and my aunt and her dog, my dog and her dog were adorable together, I had Japanese food, I didn't get to play Mass Effect at ALL because my computer was broken and that sucked, I spent Sunday with my bestie from high school and we played LoZ: TP together and played Boggle with our dads, I got my computer fixed, I drove around a lot, I've been keeping up with Homestuck (Gamzee what are you even doing) and LBD (FEELS + can't wait for Darcy to come back!!!), my counseling sessions have been going really well, I'm actually starting to get my computer desktop cleaned up, I'm tired and didn't get enough sleep last night, and...I really don't want this semester to end because then Elcie and Zenjiro will be leaving and I'm just really going to miss them ugh

Also I'm a lazy fart

But I'm kind of getting better at keeping on top of things (kind of)

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I'm doing fine now! (Over that dumb sickness I had.) Thanks for asking!

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