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baby, there you go again, there you go again, making me love you
Pokémon - Pika line
I haven't made a post in a long time so I figured I'd make a post today, because I've been thinking about making a post, and also it has been an AWESOME DAY AND ALSO SO MANY AWESOME THINGS ARE HAPPENING SOON

(WARNING post is image-heavy)

So first of all, today I went to locals for the first time since May, and I got second place SECOND PLACE GUYS, I've never gotten higher than 7th before and it's usually like 15th, and there were 31 people, I finally finished putting my Spellbook deck together (I bought myself a bunch of the cards I needed for my birthday a few weeks ago) and I've been practicing with this deck for about a year and I was so excited to try it out and SECOND PLACE. So that is an awesome feeling. I also spontaneously decided to put down $20 for the sneak peek for Judgment of the Light and then drew a $40 sneak peek mat so that was actually a good investment! And I hung out with a bunch of awesome people and met a bunch of awesome people and it was just a GREAT DAY.

And then I come home and get online and dick around for a while, playing some of the games I've been visiting lately ( sucked into Candy Crush Saga, SHUT UP, it is addicting and awesome; there's a new game on Kongregate called Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, and come on YGO + CCG? YES PLEASE, and I've recently gotten back into the Pokémon TCG and been playing that online too, oh and I have Animal Crossing: New Leaf which is so fun and relaxing and awesome...basically, GAMES.

Now that I think about it, I've always liked games, but it wasn't until the past year or so that they became the biggest aspect of my hobbies for me. Anime, books, cartoons, etc. are still all awesome things but lately they've really taken a backseat to games, from flash games to video games to card games of various kinds. I don't even know, man. I just love games. (And speaking of games, I should really do an entry dedicated to the Mass Effect trilogy, which I beat a few weeks ago, and is pretty much my favorite thing right now besides Yu-Gi-Oh!.)

Anyway, I was online dicking around, and started going through my Facebook news feed, WHEN SUDDENLY
 photo d45ce7bb-7715-462b-829c-3cd93578e79f_zps1d3e11f3.jpg


I'm not even sure what all to say about that right now but I am excited. This has the potential to be really good and really entertaining. And it's MLP + A TRADING CARD GAME. Even if it's just an online CCG (which is actually better because it's easier on the wallet) I'm excited to see how that comes out!!

Oh and I have a TON of things to look forward to in the near and far future.

Near future:
+Tomorrow, hanging out with Elcie and Zenjiro one last time for the summer (I'm going to miss those guys so much SOB)
+Moving back into my apartment and starting my last year of college (I'm not sure why I'm excited for this, but I love being in my apartment I guess, and also I'm riding a wave of good momentum from last semester's grades, and I'm finally starting zoology I hope to finish strong)
+Going to locals at a different shop a week from Sunday
+Unlocking more stuff in New Leaf (gog that game is so unbearably cute)

Slightly more distant future:


Wow...that is a pretty unfortunate logo. Maybe they'll come up with a better one in a little while. But I'm doubly excited for this because I'm not going to Gen Con this year (it really would not work out well) so...I can still go to an awesome con in Indy!!!


 photo Megatrongiddyasaschoolgirl_zps3c81cfb9.gif
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Glad to hear from you again :D

A MLP trading card game - awesome *^^*

I've been playing New Leaf too. It's so cute~ Do you have a friend code for your 3DS?

It's so good to hear from you again! :D *hugs* It sounds like you've been busy.

Whoa - an MLP trading card game? Cool :D

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