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uh, hi!
Pokémon - Pika line
Welp, work is super slow this morning. I guess I might as well make a journal entry? even if I'm not super feeling it.

I think I'll make a public post because I haven't in...months, at least. Hi guys! *waves* I'm alive. I use my Dreamwidth account almost exclusively for Fandom Secrets now. I also use it for private journaling. I don't spend much time doing blog-style journaling anymore. (Not that I was very good at that to begin with.) RL is keeping me busy, and time spent online is more likely to be spent gaming, or browing/commenting on other blogs, forums, or articles.

This is a bit rambly. I mostly want to make a public entry for the sake of doing it, so don't worry about reading under the cuts! Basically, I'm here and I'm doing really well :)

I've been working full time at this location for almost a year, and in this department since September. I'm now working in more than one location, doing more specific work than I was when I started. When I transferred I not only traded out an absolutely awful boss for a really decent one (which was my main reason for transferring) but also switched from second shift to regular day hours, which has been AWESOME. I have an actual social life now! I mean besides on just the weekend! It absolutely rocks. And it's kept me really busy, in a good way. I also just found out two days ago that I'm getting a pretty decent raise. The training I did in my new capacity qualifies me for a different job title, and the raise is a couple dollars more than I thought it would be, so even though I knew it would come soon, it was still a really nice surprise. Considering that roughly 25% of my income is going into student debt and maybe a third into my rent and utilities, it will be nice not to have to cut it super close every month to get stuff paid off. Not sure if I can afford to move downtown now, which I'd really like to do, but I will probably just make bigger loan payments (I REALLY hate being in debt) while actually saving up some money in an emergency fund and it's looking like I'll probably renew my lease when it's up in April, hopefully with a goal of moving out at the end of my next contract. First though I'll finish paying off my car, which I'm almost done with...
Other than work I'm still mostly being a nerd everywhere. I play a lot of YGO and a few months ago I earned an invite to nationals (more formally, World Qualifiers) in the US. It will be sometime this summer and I hope to be able to go! If it's close enough to Indy and I have enough other friends who can go with me to pool transportation costs, I should be able to make it happen.

I haven't done as much gaming lately as I did when I was still working part-time, mostly because when I have a few hours to myself I try to focus on cleaning up my apartment. It got REALLY bad when I was still on second shift and I still haven't recovered. My awesome boyfriend (yeah, that's also a thing that happened!) who is a way more organized person than me has been helping me with it a little bit, and I'm also a lot more self-motivated with my new schedule, so things are looking up in that regard.

I strung up some Christmas lights on my porch the other day and will be borrowing a tree from Elcie to put up in the apartment. (Oh yeah, that's another thing that happened - Elcie moved back to town so now I see her more than like twice a year! Which also rocks!) I'm super excited about Christmas, guys. I'm doing some online shopping today, probably for the boyfriend, Elcie, my mom, and my sister, the latter three of whom have online wish lists, and the former of whom I have decided what I'm going to get and it's easier to get online. Next week Sister comes home from her first semester of college, and I'll be doing a lot of family stuff, like going out for my mom's birthday (which is actually today), maybe helping decorate my parents' Christmas tree, and hopefully going out shopping with Dad and/or Sister. No idea yet what I'm going to get for Brother, and I have a vague idea what to get my friend R. I might also try to get something for my friend P and for Boyfriend's younger brother who I spend a fair amount of time with. I've already got a small gift for my grandparents but I need a card for them, so there's that. I think that rounds out the list.
I've started going back to my old church, a Quaker church I went to for years as a teen. It was awkward when I tried to go back a few years ago for a number of reasons, but I visited again about a month ago, and it way actually really nice. I miss Quakers and Quakerism, I'm way too liberal for most other churches, and some new leadership and growth at my old church, combined with familiarity and faces of old Friends (see what I did there...) and I think it will be a good place to spend more time. Elcie and I are sort of church shopping on our side of town, but she often has to work on Sunday mornings which stinks, and I don't really feel comfortable going to a bunch of new places on my own...oh well. At some point I'd like to bring Boyfriend to my church, too. He doesn't really go anymore; I don't think he feels super attached to the church his mom goes to, which I think it where he also goes, and he also keeps a second-shifter's sleep schedule even though that's not what he actually works, so he's never up that early anyway...
Well, it still looks like there's not much work to do. I guess I'll read Fandom Secrets since I didn't get a chance last night.

Hope everyone on my flist is doing well! This entry has been posted both here and at Feel free to comment here or there!

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Hey, BB! Glad to hear from you! Especially since I haven't made it back onto FB yet. 9,9 And yeah, I barely use DW anymore either, except for the games that I'm in. As much as anything bc DW is blocked at work (hence replying on LJ), and I’m just too wiped to try to write/post anything at night when I get home. Still, I keep promising (myself and anyone who might still be out there paying the journal any attention) that I'll post again more regularly... o.o

CONGRATS on everything! The job, the raise, the BF, the YGO gaming, Elcie moving close again. Hope the church works out for you.

*HUGS!!! and gets back to work herself*

So good to hear from you again :DDD

Anyway, congrats on everything *^^*

It's so good to hear from you! :)

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