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...just saw an article via Facebook about a woman who was fired by a Christian college because she was pregnant. Way harsh, imo, and not at all demonstrating Christian love and mercy or pro-life values...and then I read that they also hired the baby's father afterwards. (After the two of them got married. That wasn't good enough for the woman, eh? Reputation tarnished forever?) BLARGHHHHASJDFLH.

Fuck double standards. I'm so tired of seeing then in the church. It's embarrassing and it makes me angry.

quick update on a couple things
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SPOILERS for today's LBD and for Mass Effect 1Collapse )

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A few days ago at fandom!secrets I discovered a webcomic called Nimona. I'm pretty excited about it - I love the art style, characters, and dialogue quite a lot. It's pretty short so far (very easy to catch up on) and updates twice weekly.

I love the relationship between Nimona and Ballister. I think I ship it. Ballister and Goldenloin have some interesting chemistry too - not sure how I see their relationship yet.

Also, SHAPESHIFTING. One of my absolute favorite things in fiction.

Anyone else reading this? (If you haven't, you should!)

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OTP questions meme
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Nabbed from [personal profile] making_excuses.

Pick five of your OTPs without looking at the questions.

My five:

1. Joey x Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
2. John x Vriska from Homestuck
3. Doctor x Rose from Doctor Who
4. Link x Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
5. Arcee x Jack from Transformers: Prime

the questions and my answersCollapse )

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Bonds Beyond Time
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lol, I finally - just now - got around to watching Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Beyond Time. I'm so glad they brought back Yami for that and you should have heard the fangirl noises I was making when he appeared alksdfjhlkjh. It's bad.

The movie might have been cheesy and basic but it was still really fun to watch it. :') It was neat to see all three of them working together - especially Yami and Yusei. Yusei is also my favorite. ♥

I just really have a weird thing about YGO idk. It's not the greatest series ever but it's always going to be really special to me.

(Maybe later tonight I'll watch the Abridged version of the movie. It's supposed to be hilarious.)

I just realized I can't call it BBT because that also stands for Big Bang Theory

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people got me got me questioning, where is the love?
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we only got one world, one world...Collapse )

How have y'all been doing?

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New Eeveelution
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New Eeveelution has been introduced.

spoilers for Pokemon Gen VI under the cutCollapse )

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I think I'm going to give up online dueling for Lent.

I'm making an exception for use of my practice deck (so yes [personal profile] blackbutterfly I can still teach you to play ^^) and for getting on to look at card lists and reconstruct decks.

It kind of sucks because the new banlist is coming out in a few days, but actually neither of the two decks I mainly use - Harpies or Spellbooks - are going to be hit this format. And it sucks because I love dueling but I've been spending a LOT of time doing that recently so I think this is something I really need to do.

The old youth ministers from my church are holding weekly Lent devotionals on Sundays. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them and learning from them again. The community just hasn't been the same since they left.

In other news...I'm sitting in class and I'm not sure exactly what we're supposed to be doing? I walked in a few minutes late and almost nobody is doing anything. My prof's not here and people are just sitting around with their phones out. Why am I here, again?

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couldn't know it would hurt his hard to hear you close that door
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For anyone who actually cares about this (probably nobody or almost nobody) but mainly for me, because I need to get this out of my system:

so punch a hole in my paper heart 'cause I don't need it anymoreCollapse )

Sorry guys just wanted to get that written down. It's been bugging me for a long time. Both programs have things about them that are awesome and things that suck. I just wish someone would combine all the awesome into one place!

Also, if anyone here duels? I'm raichu100 on DN and cyanraichu on YGOPRO :3 This entry has been posted both here and at http://diet-poison.dreamwidth.org/6331.html. Feel free to comment here or there!

When I die and they lay me to rest | I'm gonna go to the place that's the best
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Today's episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries gave me major sads. (Did I mention I'm watching that? Well, I am, and it's awesome.) My heart breaks for Lydia and I was tearing up. It was literally the hardest episode to watch, even counting all of Lydia's previous videos. Also, fuck George Wickham sideways with a pitchfork.

Last night I watched the third episode of Tennant's first season of DW. It was a pretty good ep, not really outsanding or anything, but I have to say I loved the Queen as a character. Also I like that it had a wolf, but honestly I'm really getting tired of wolves always being evil in stories =/

I also watched Saturday's episode of MLP. It's weird because I still have to watch the Discord ep and one other one (not sure which one) to be caught up. Yesterday's was good but not fantastic. I did love the Mane Six and it was great seeing Cadance and Shining Armor again, especially since they're both awesome and it wasn't a high-stress "omg Cadance is dying/possessed" situation like in the other two episodes we've seen her in. I did think the ending was kind of dumb, though.

Today's gonna be fun, bluh. Laundry, cleaning my room, gotta shower too, and work on a paper that's due tomorrow, along with other random studying. I slept in and missed my class this morning which is just stupid. I'm having a lot of trouble with getting up in the mornings and it just feels like such a dumb problem to have. I'm 22 and I never used to have such issues with that when I was a teen...

And of course I have to go clean out Minerva. In fact I need to contact the tow lot and call Elcie and make sure she'll be able to get me there on time.

Something to be really excited about - I'm running an informal Facebook group of Homestucks who go to my school. I'm working on planning a couple meetups soon! Yay for irl fandom! ^^

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